I can’t believe we are celebrating 2 years today! I love you to the moon and back G!! Two years ago today I showed up to meet Garr for our first date – a Chargers game and fun in Ocean Beach followed by listening to music and talking until late. We didn’t kiss on our first or even second date which I loved!!

Music is one of our favorite things and we’ve bonded over our love for Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, Death Cab and a million other artists. I fell for Garr during one of our amazing talks about life while listening to music in his living room. We’ve traveled to a lot of new places including Santa Barbara, Montreal and Jackson Hole to name a few. Garr has been by my side always – during the good and the bad – all the fun nights to the sickest parts of my pregnancy.

I actually met Garr’s dad on our first date because he happened to be at the Chargers game with a friend.  I met his family shortly thereafter who I completely fell in love with. G and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome this little babe! Happy Anniversary bear! I love you!!!

Love, Jacque

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