Mint Mood graphic

Mint Mood

Mint is one of my favorite colors, especially for springtime. I mixed it with this nautical pattern skirt to keep things interesting. I’ve always been a huge fan of the look of JCrew and can remember drooling over the magazines all through high school and college. However. until recently I only owned a few pieces […]

Leopard Print graphic

Leopard Print

Okay lovelies, confession: I used to be scared of wearing leopard print. I know it’s kind of weird, but I use to feel like it would overwhelm me. So, I started out small because I still loved the look. First I bought a pair of leopard print flats, then a belt, then a scarf and […]

Little Red Coat graphic

Little Red Coat

As important as the little black dress is, a pretty coat you love that adds that extra glam to your outfit is just as important, especially when you live somewhere with frequent coat weather.  I found this red beauty at the Nordstrom Rack. It’s by Guess and it is super flattering worn open or all buttoned up. […]

Royal Blue Frock graphic

Royal Blue Frock

Experimenting with new colors in your wardrobe can be an important part of creating a look you love. For years I wore a lot of black, pink and red but I’ve learned to punch up my wardrobe and be excited about getting dressed by adding new colors. This pretty royal blue color has become one of […]

Jewel Tones and a Neutral graphic

Jewel Tones and a Neutral

We found this beautiful bridge on the Colorado River in Moab. I love the contrast between the color of the bridge and the black and emerald of the outfit. Pairing a pretty jewel tone with a basic neutral looks great no matter what your complexion and hair color is. I also love to wear emerald to bring out the green in my […]

Moab Main and Studded Heels graphic

Moab Main and Studded Heels

My husband and I spent the weekend in Moab as a late birthday trip for him. We found this gorgeous old store on Main Street and couldn’t resist stopping and taking some pictures. I love little old towns like Moab because they remind me of where my grandparents live.  Can’t wait to hear what you […]