January – one of my favorite shoots from Utah, little Jax was already growing and I didn’t even know yet!

February – My Galentines shoot with my bestie Erica – I found out I was preggo a few weeks after this shoot!

March – This cute romper was so fun to shoot for Spring, while I hid my new pregnancy lol and vomited during photo shoots

April – one of my favorite shoots of the year, super worried people would know I was preggo from this photo!

May – I finally made it through the first trimester, sick as a dog, but so excited to share the news that we were expecting with friends and family!

June – our gender reveal, this was the happiest I’d ever seen Garr, he desperately wanted a boy!

July – I celebrated the big 33 and finally started feeling less nauseous

August – one of my favorite memories – walking the beach and grabbing dinner in Ocean Beach post shoot with Garr. This was the first time he really photographed me and suggested it! Plus this is his favorite dress and one of mine too!

September – My baby shower back home in Utah! My sweet momma and sister in laws worked so hard! All 3 of us had boys this year so Kara is preggo, Anna had just had her little one and my parents got three new grandchildren!! It was such a celebration of love!

October – This was my maternity shoot and the look I wore to my California shower that G’s mom threw me! I am huge here – just 3 weeks before I had Jax. My feet were so incredibly swollen I could hardly get these shoes on – but I loved this dress! It reminded me of preggo Cinderella!!

November – We finally welcomed our little baby Jax 2 weeks late. We had the most incredible bonding experiences in the hospital. I tear up every time we drive by it now. Parenthood changes you in ways I never could have imagined and G was 1 billion times more incredible than I knew he would be! Jax is the light of our lives and I can’t imagine life before him!!  

December – Christmas photos with Jax and I! This was our sad little Charlie Brown tree but I loved having it up for such a long time since we usually don’t get it until the last second. It was so fun to wrap Jax’s presents and wait for Christmas morning with anticipation!!!

2017 was a year full of surprises, challenges, joy and blessings! I am so grateful for this space and all of your support! Thank you for following along! Happy 2018 Lovelies! I can’t wait to share what I have in store for you!!!

Love, Jacque

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