Lovelies, I’ve picked my absolute favorite pieces from JCrew and JCrew Factory above for this fall season. I love the season of boots, sweaters and hot cocoa. All the pieces at JCrew and JCrew factory are beautiful and perfect for the cooler weather. Several of the items are also at a fantastic price point.

What lust worthy item from JCrew are you drooling over, Lovelies?

Love, Jacque

jcrew giveaway

I’ve teamed up with my blogger friends to bring you a giveaway with an amazing prize for one lucky reader! We’re giving away a gift card to one of our favorite stores — J. Crew! The lucky winner will win a $250 J. Crew gift card just in time for some fall shopping… and it just might be you.You can enter daily over the next two weeks and earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway with your friends on social media. Good luck!


Prize: $250 J. Crew Gift Card
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Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck!

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 10/17 and is open worldwide.

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110 thoughts on “J Crew Fall Picks +$250 Giveaway”

  1. I woke up feeling happy because today’s Friday and I do love the weekends!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  2. Paula,

    Weekends are the absolute best. Thanks for reading


  3. I went a little longer without feeling winded in my morning workout!

  4. Tarah,

    That is amazing! I love when I start to feel that improvement.


  5. Today my new puppy behaved at lunch and didn’t bite my feet once. Sounds weird but it was awesome!

  6. Heather,

    That’s amazing, puppy training can be so hard. Thanks for reading.


  7. Something good that happened to me today is that I was able to help someone in need. By buying them some food

  8. Ivett,

    That is amazing! Serving others is the best way to feel happy. THank you for sharing. #bethegood


  9. It’s friday! That’s the one major good thing that happened to me today!

  10. Claire,

    Thanks for reading friend! Yay Friday!

    p.s. Loved your selfie this morning. 🙂


  11. what a great giveaway – I am super ready for it to be cool enough in Austin to wear some of these awesome sweaters J.Crew has this season!

  12. Lara,

    I am so excited for fall and jealous that you live in Austin, I love it there and miss Texas. Thanks for reading.


  13. I got off work early and got to pick up my daughter from daycare early! That means more hugs and kisses for Mommy today 🙂

  14. That’s so great, off early and time with family is the best! Have a great weekend.


  15. Just say got alot done for my upcoming wedding this month woohoo

  16. Tammy,

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for reading doll.


  17. I awoke to have my 2 yr old’s face smiling at me saying, “HI MOMMEEEEEEEEEEE.”

  18. Alina,

    That’s awesome, 2 is such a fun age. Thank you for reading!


  19. I was able to successfully cook a meal from my new cookbook 🙂 I’m learning how to cook. I’m more of an eater instead of a cooker ha ha.

  20. Raleigh,

    New recipe success is the best! Thanks for reading.


  21. Woke to snow flakes ….crazy!

  22. Rust,

    Crazy! It’s only October, I’m so glad its not snowing yet here. Time to pull out those cute winter sweaters? Thanks for reading!


  23. My daughters soccer team won the state soccer championship today !!!!

  24. Christy,

    That is amazing. Tell your daughter congratulations! Thanks for reading.


  25. well i had a bad day but i guess we had a good lunch! lol

    thank you!

  26. Courtney,

    Sorry about your bad day but sometimes a good meal can be just the fix. Thanks for reading along.


  27. I hope to win! I love Jcrew! (: This lady could use some new clothes.

  28. Ashley,

    I hope you win too! JCrew has the prettiest pieces. Thanks for reading.


  29. I finally got a much needed highlight and haircut today which made me feel great.

  30. Birdiebee,

    Thanks for reading! I love getting my hair done, it is wonderful!


  31. My son had a great time for the first time at church child care. Big victory!

  32. Andrea,

    That is a big victory! Yay!! Thanks for reading.


  33. Great outfit! I really love those leggings. My Fall “uniform” right now is basic Goodwill, but, fingers crossed, if I won the giveaway, I could “style it up” at J Crew and get a nice one.

  34. I was able to wake up on time to do some important things before work! By the way, I hope you’re having a great day! Thank you for being so selfless. 🙂

  35. Well my birthday was yesterday so my dad and his wife took me out to lunch and gave me a 200 gift card for my birthday..I was quite glad about that!! So, that’s what was good that happened to me today!

  36. Dana,

    What a great bday present! Thanks for reading.


  37. I put some money into my savings account 🙂


  38. I had breakfast with my husband (typically neither one of us has time for this) and we shared what we were going to do for our upcoming anniversary!

  39. I got a free chocolate chip cookies with my lunch today:)

  40. Kelley,

    That’s amazing, chocolate chip cookies are the bees knees. Thanks for reading!


  41. Down another pound making it 10.5 so far.

  42. Ellen,

    You go girl! Weight loss is so hard but the way you feel is amazing! Thanks for reading.


  43. Today I again was able to help a woman with her kids in need and in school it went well. Have good grades

  44. Something GREAT happened to me today. I had a medical report that came back with some scary wording. Turns out, I’m fine and it’s nothing to be concerned about. Whew! Life is good.

  45. i had a chance to head over to McDonalds for some fries, had not have McD fries in years!

  46. we had some beautiful weather today and my kids went to bed without a fight which is rare

  47. Today the weather was amazing in MICHIGAN, and so the family decided to go apple and pumpkin picking. It was a lot of fun!

  48. i had a wonderful time with friends at church this morning and an afternoon spent with my daughters

  49. Something good that happened today, I can list a good one …. I got a wonderful visit from my mother whom I have not seen for 4 years. She’s gonna be staying a week! Yahhhhh!

  50. I go a surprise note from my li’l one telling me he loves me and loved the chocolate chip cookie I left in his lunchbox yesterday!

  51. I’m happy because I received a note from the post office saying my books have arrived from Amazon!

  52. Something good that happened to me today was that I got to take a long nap, so now I can stay up later lol! And, it is Friday!! Yea!

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